Procrastination, what’s it all about?

Procrastinator? In this episode, I talk about Neil Fiore’s ideas on why we procrastinate from his book, ‘The Now Habit,’ and what we can do to get past it!

Live your OWN life!

Have you ever stopped to think that you might be living someone else’s life as opposed to living the life that YOU truly want? Time to tune into your gut!

Dreams to Reality

The Secret Sauce for making your dreams a reality! Three simple things that you can put into practice today to start putting your dreams in motion!

Be Memorable

Why do we always remember certain people? Can we learn to be memorable? I think we can and I have 6 easy tips that you can put into practice now!


Live Your Bigness!

You know that negative self talk, “you’re not good enough!?” That’s your ‘smallness!’ Your bigness is fearless, joyous and 100% you! Time to tap into it!