7 Sure Fire Ways to Tap into your Superpower!

Do you often feeling lacking in confidence? Low on energy or drained a lot of the time? Could your self-esteem do with boost or a turbo charge? I hear you! You need to access those superpowers!

Okay, whether or not you’ve been blessed with an upbringing that was full of endless boosts to your self worth, it is TOTALLY possible to rewrite your confidence story.

Just because you still happen to believe that criticism someone told you when you were 10 doesn’t make it fact. Yes, newsflash! It’s not true! Its incredible to think that we’re still holding onto stuff like that, BUT you can change it! And you can start today!

Here are some sure fire ways to rocketlaunch your self-worth!

  1. Practice gratitude.  Even if you feel that there is nothing you could begin to feel grateful for, there is always something! Always! Find 3 things that you are grateful for and acknowledge these at the end of every day. Think of something that you did that day or that you feel good about and recognise that. I’m ALWAYS grateful for another day, so many never get the privilege.
  2. Haters Gonna Hate – when people are negative toward you, it says more about how they feel about themselves than about you! Everyone has their own ‘stuff’ that clouds judgement and opinion, and bullies always have an incredibly low self-worth! So, as the song goes, “Shake it off!” And remember, It’s not yours, it’s theirs, so let them keep it!
  3. Do something that makes you laugh, every day. Catch up with some of your favourite comedy shows or films, you know the ones that give you a right good belly laugh! Find some of those hilarious memes from Google, talk to a friend that you KNOW always has a funny story or have a good cackle at some of those old ‘dad’ jokes!
  4. Begin that passion you always wanted to begin. (OR continue the one you already started)  It could be something you have wanted to get off the ground for a while, playing drums, learning a language, painting, starting a blog. Make a point of beginning and devoting time to it, it will give you a great sense of achievement. Get the joy from that thing gives you fire or at least an inner glow!
  5. Check out of mindless gossip. Truth! Talking in any negative way about other people, be it those you know or famous people, lowers your energy considerably and zaps your superpowers! Be happy for other people and find joy in the good things they get! And if you find it difficult at first, especially if you are not used to it, keep trying, through gritted teeth if you must! Because before long, you’ll find your energy zooming because you are finding joy in all places.
  6. Be open and appreciative. When you are noticing and feeling good for other folks, tell them. Give compliments and find something good to say about someone, about their lives, their appearance, anything. This, in my opinion, is the number one thing that you can do to be really memorable! And your spreading some joy in the meantime!
  7. Be good to yourself. Of course, while you are being kind and complimentary to others, please extend that to yourself! Enough of that negative self talk, it’s serving NO useful purpose whatsoever! Be good to yourself and start practicing some self love.


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