The Best Way to Eat Cupcakes!


What’s the best way to eat a cupcake for optimum weight loss?! Fat-free, sugar-free, calorie-free, no icing, at work, in a cupboard, on the run? Am I boring you yet?

I am a great believer in enjoying what you are doing, wholeheartedly, with gratitude and mindfully and this most certainly is how we should be with our food. So your cupcake, in all its sweet glory, is there to be savoured and enjoyed, most importantly of all, without guilt.

Guilt weighs heavy on us and is one of the biggest causes of emotional eating. More often than not its followed up by binge eating, creating even more guilt and self-loathing! Well its about time that old garbage came to a swift standstill. Life is way too short, in case you hadn’t noticed, for guilt, deprivation followed by bingeing, self-judgement and giving ourselves such a hard time. Really, it is possible to eat your cake and have it all, if you’d only allow yourself to heal your relationship with yourself and your sustenance!

So you’re going to have a little private party…

Go to the best bakers in town, maybe one that’s family owned and that use the best ingredients.
Choose a cupcake that looks exquisitely beautiful, scrumptious, has your favourite flavour or one that just calls to you!
When you get home, make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee, exactly how you like it or, go on and pour yourself a glass of champagne. And make sure you use your favourite cup and saucer/mug/glass…these little touches make all the difference.


Sit down at the dining table, on the balcony, in the garden, on the sofa, anywhere where there are no distractions, this isn’t the time for TV, conversations or facebook.
Take a moment to be thankful, for your cupcake, your drink for nourishing your body completely and with love.
Enjoy every single mouthful, every taste, every tingle of sweetness, slowly, be mindful of it all.
Give yourself a hug!
You don’t need negative emotions weighing you down, it’s time to stop beating yourself up about your relationship with food, no more guilt weight, let it go. You deserve the absolute best in life. Be good to yourself!

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