Love from Dale Carnegie


Dale C

Dale Carnegie rocks! Oh yeah! This, I have know for a long time.

He has been one of my mentors now for so many years not only because of his amazing books on public speaking and influence but because of his direct, no nonsense approach. His style has always really appealed to me, he put audiences at ease and spoke to them as if they were sitting having breakfast with him in his kitchen! Read more

7 Sure Fire Ways to Tap into your Superpower!

Do you often feeling lacking in confidence? Low on energy or drained a lot of the time? Could your self-esteem do with boost or a turbo charge? I hear you! You need to access those superpowers!

Okay, whether or not you’ve been blessed with an upbringing that was full of endless boosts to your self worth, it is TOTALLY possible to rewrite your confidence story. Read more