The Best Way to Eat Cupcakes!


What’s the best way to eat a cupcake for optimum weight loss?! Fat-free, sugar-free, calorie-free, no icing, at work, in a cupboard, on the run? Am I boring you yet?

I am a great believer in enjoying what you are doing, wholeheartedly, with gratitude and mindfully and this most certainly is how we should be with our food. So your cupcake, in all its sweet glory, is there to be savoured and enjoyed, most importantly of all, without guilt. Read more

Happiness is an Inside Job

Happy Puss

Psychology has come a long way since Freud and the 20th century focus on lack and problematic thinking. So much research was done last century on the whys and hows of negative thinking and other less than positive aspects of the human mind. As a result there was a real lack in the focus of proper psychological health. However, the last few decades have seen a huge boom in positive psychology and thankfully more focus on understanding happiness and more positive states of mind. I was always interested in psychology but never wanted to study it at university. I knew the approach I wanted to look at more fully was that of forward thinking and now thinking, not dwelling on the past.  Read more

Attract the Love of Your Life (Part 2)

Part 2 of magnetising the love of your life, into your life! On this Podcast, the love of your life may not be who you think and how one difference in thinking can change all your relationships and your whole life. Also, the red flags that should be avoided at all cost!

Get Happy Now!

Everyone wants to be happy, right? But, are you making it a lot more difficult than you think? Take it from me, as someone who has been well and truly in the depths of despair on a few occasions in my life, happiness is a habit that can be cultivated and, a lot easier than you might think.

Let Your LoveFlow!

It’s more than just a great song! Self Love will bring you everything from deliciously fabulous relationships to manifesting the very things your heart desires. I want to help you do just that! So listen in, sign up for your Free LoveFlow Download and 21 Day LoveFlow Journal and enjoy!