Can You Be Hypnotised?

Can everyone be hypnotised or is it only a select few? Is it possible that it is much more normal than we think? In this podcast, I’m debunking some hypno myths!

Learn Almost Anything Quickly

Learning something new doesn’t have to take years! (Unless it’s Neuroscience or Astrophysics) You can learn the basics of something in a relatively short time! Find out how in today’s podcast.

Secrets to Changing Your Habits

Any less desirable habits you would like to change? Listen in for 3 Secrets to changing those today! Enjoy!

A Productive Mind

What is the secret to more productivity in your day? Listen in to find out what key things are essential to getting more done!

Procrastination, what’s it all about?

Procrastinator? In this episode, I talk about Neil Fiore’s ideas on why we procrastinate from his book, ‘The Now Habit,’ and what we can do to get past it!