Each one of my guided meditations has been created with the greatest love and care for your highest well-being. Each one is loaded with the most magnetic affirmations and vibes for bringing you the results you want in the quickest time. I know that time is of the essence these days so each one is shorter and more succinct than a normal one-to-one guided meditation and structured in a way that will help you relax even more deeply each time you listen, giving quicker results!

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Entrepreneurial Speaking

Entrepreneurial Speaking


Entrepreneurs, Motivational Speakers, Therapists, Coaches and Business Owners!

You want to add speaking to your repertiore and you want to rock the room with calm, poise and superhero flair.

You want to know what to say, how to say it and when to get the best audience interest and participation. This course is for you!

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Bogart & Bacall

The Art of Social Magnetism


Learn how to go from timid to dazzling, from wallflower to social butterfly and from shy…

…to the most memorable person in the room!

If you’d like to learn how unlock that magnetic power within you, this course is for you!

Using NLP, body language and energy techniques, I’ll teach you how to be truly captivating and infinitely memorable.

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My Chocolate Book


The Chocolate Bombshell $10/£6.97

Chocolate! Energy of the Gods!

Do you adore chocolate but would rather do without what the sugar does to your curves, teeth and mood!?

Me too!

My quest for healthier chocolate that didn’t spike my blood sugar like crazy, kept its nutrients in all their antioxidant glory and didn’t spoil my curves was finally realised after years of making, tasting and testing!

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