When you align with your Superpower, expect miracles.

So, are you ready to take your Superpower up a notch or a few notches? Want to take the next level in connecting every day with that part of you that is your Unconditional Love, Infinite Knowledge and Eternal Inner Power Source?

Then let’s get started!

In a nutshell, you will…

  • Get more powerfully aligned with your Superpower by the way of the traditional Japanese system of Reiki.

  • Learn to use and work with the Reiki symbols to enhance your Superpower even further.

  • Think totally outside the box and begin to experience the wonders of using your Superpower across space and time…distance healing for past, future and on the other side of the world!

  • Discover working with others and learn how to make your practice into a business.

  • Take your intuition and manifesting skills to the next level!

What’s Included

  • 90 minute Skype session with me to align you with your Reiki 2 energy and begin the next step in your Superpower journey.
  • 7 additional Reiki empowerments.
  • Reiki 2 Manual.
  • Amazing meditation downloads using your Superpower to..

    Keep your chakras balanced and Supercharge the symbols

  • 8 training modules to guide you through working with your Superpower on a deeper level.
  • Q & A from me during the 8 weeks

Module 1


You’ll discover

  • Turning up the voltage of your Superpower

  • working with stronger energy and what to expect

  • the amazing original Japanese Reiki 2

  • The most fundamental thing you need to know about sharing your energy with others.

Module 2


You’ll discover

  • What’s the real deal on symbols and do we need them?

  • Earth energy and the beauty of the root chakra

  • Heavenly chi and your glorious crown

Module 3


You’ll discover

  • distance energy work part 1

  • how is distance work even possible?

  • the spectacular quantum field

  • let’s jump in and out of some wormholes

Module 4


You’ll discover

  • distance energy work part 2

  • laser beams, bubbles, love hearts and shields

  • energy dance for the 21st century

Module 5


You’ll discover

  • helping a brother or sister out part 1

  • how intention is everything

  • the lowdown on working intuitively and how to do it

Module 6


You’ll discover

  • helping a brother or sister out part 2

  • fabulous chakra fun and how to work with them

  • The good and the better on working with others

Module 7


You’ll discover

  • Reiki as a therapy business part 1

  • all the jargon and essential tools for your biz

  • face to face or distance, what really is best?

  • what’s a typical client session?

  • the great big price question

Module 8


You’ll discover

  • Reiki as a therapy business part 2

  • how to blow your own horn in the right way

  • why it’s always about you and not what you do

  • why you really are a gift to the world and how to attract the right clients.

All for the early bird price of…


(regular price, $555)