Hold on to your chakras…

…you’re about to unearth your Superpower!

When you align with your Superpower…expect miracles.

It’s SO wonderful to meet you!

I’m guessing you have a hunch that there is much more to you than meets the eye, more to you than your thoughts, more to you than your feelings…much, much more!

And you’d be right!

Within you is a vast abundance of sweet, sweet energy just waiting for your attention. It’s your Powerhouse, your Unconditional Love, your Unlimited Source. And when you align with it…it’s like coming home.

So what is this Reiki anyway?

Reiki is a beautifully simple system of aligning with your own inner energy for your own self-development and for the bliss and delight of others. Interestingly, in its original form, it was all about working on yourself and was very much a tool for your own healing and evolution. And that’s exactly what Reiki 1 is.

It may be relatively new to the western world, but it’s as normal as breathing in Asian culture. To them, there is a subtle energy within us and outside of us that we can feel and direct. It’s talked about and experienced in yoga, meditation, martial arts and acupuncture to name only a few.

To experience it and use it has been described as everything from pure peace to exquisite delight and so much more in between!

It’s your inner oasis…and it awaits you.

At Superhero Reiki School, your Reiki 1 alignment is the beginning of your biggest love affair to date!

In a nutshell, you will…

  • Be aligned with your inner source of abundance, self-love and wisdom…your Superpower, by way of the original Japanese system of Reiki.

  • Learn how to balance, ground and use that energy in the simplest and most intuitively guided way.

  • Receive training and guided meditations for your own self-treatments using your energy.

  • Strengthen your intuition, your ‘Spidey senses’ and learn how to surround yourself with protection worthy of a thousand Captain America shields. (Better than pure vibranium, don’t cha know!)

  • Blast through blocks and limiting beliefs that may be stopping you living the life of your dreams using Superhero Reiki School’s amazing 7 step system.

What’s Included

  • 90 minute Skype session with me to align you with Reiki and begin your new journey.
  • 7 additional Reiki empowerments.
  • Reiki 1 Manual.
  • Amazing meditation downloads for..

     Connecting with Reiki every day,

     Chakra balancing & boosting

     Self treatments

     Releasing blocks and being a magnet for


  • 8 training modules where you’ll discover Reiki in each area of your life.
  • Q & A from me during the 8 weeks.

Module 1

SuperGirl Long

You’ll discover…

  • The traditional Japanese Reiki Empowerment to align with your Superpower and learn how to connect with it on a daily basis.

  • Protective Shields.

  • Reiki as one of the most (if not THE most) amazing self-care tools you’ll ever experience.

  • The Reiki precepts.

  • The only life compass you’ll ever need.

Module 2

Root Chakra friends Long

You’ll discover…

  • Step 1 of the 7-Step System

  • The best ways to ‘ground’ Reiki energy and create balance in your life.

  • Reiki for the foundations of your life, nutrition, money, stability, belonging…

  • Your tribe and your talismen.

Module 3

Bellydance Beauty Long

You’ll discover…

  • Step 2 of the 7-Step System

  • The strength of your Superpower for clearing blocks to abundance.

  • Secrets to raising your vibration to attract more of the awesome stuff into your life.

  • How to increase your receptivity muscle.

Module 4

Solar Plexus Power Long

You’ll discover…

  • Step 3 of the 7-Step System.

  • How to stay connected with your Superpower

  • Secrets to the very essence of your self-esteem and confidence.

  • Why the connection with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have.

  • Your Chakra of Power.

Module 5

Heart Chakra Love Long

You’ll discover

  • Step 4 of the 7-Step System

  • The 2 most important things you can do to have the most blissful and fulfilling relationships.

  • A simple but powerful daily love ritual, maximised by your Superpower.

  • The key to your heart.

Module 6

Throat authenic Long

You’ll discover…

  • Step 5 of the 7-Step System

  • How Reiki reveals the authentic YOU.

  • Your Chakra of Truth.

  • The Alchemy of Words.

  • The truth about your life’s purpose.

Module 7

Third Eye Eyes Long

You’ll discover…

  • Step 6 of the 7-Step System

  • Cards, pendulums and all that jazz…do we need them?

  • How your Superpower makes you the best lie detector ever.

  • The number one exercise for connecting with your intuition.

  • Nentatsu-Ho, the Reiki manifesting muscle.

Module 8

Crown Dr Awesome Long 2

You’ll discover…

  • Step 7 of the 7-Step System

  • How connecting to Reiki brings sacred transformation.

  • Daily miracles in daily life.

  • Your completeness and finding peace in your journey.

  • Sharing your Superpower with your nearest and dearest.

 All For the Early Bird Price of…


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