The Best Way to Eat Cupcakes!


What’s the best way to eat a cupcake for optimum weight loss?! Fat-free, sugar-free, calorie-free, no icing, at work, in a cupboard, on the run? Am I boring you yet?

I am a great believer in enjoying what you are doing, wholeheartedly, with gratitude and mindfully and this most certainly is how we should be with our food. So your cupcake, in all its sweet glory, is there to be savoured and enjoyed, most importantly of all, without guilt. Read more

Confused about Health?

It’s SO confusing! One minute something is healthy and the next minute it’s not. What should we do? Here’s my take on it!

From Addiction to Chocolate Bombshell

After being a sugar addict for so long, I was determined to save my teeth, my skin and my mind! I wanted to find a healthy way to enjoy my beloved chocolate and out of the ashes of sugar addiction, I found it!

Three Cheers for your Plasticene Brain!


‘The Brain That Changes Itself,’ by Norman Doidge M.D. is an incredible book which I first read a few years ago when I was living in Brisbane. At the time, it helped to solidify, scientifically, what I believe and have seen time and time again in my work with clients and it is still a book that I love dipping in and out of  today. In a nutshell, the brain is like plasticine and can be moulded very easily to new ways of thinking and in a really short space of time. The secret, as with so many new habits and thoughts, is repetition. Read more