Hey Beautiful Chocolate Lover! 

choc smoothie

Do you adore chocolate but would rather do without what the sugar does to your curves, teeth and mood!?

Me too!

For years and years I ate my beloved chocolate every day but then came the sugar dips, the mood swings, the dental treatment and the energy roller coasters.

So, I cut down.

However, the sugar still wasn’t my friend. Not only this but, I started worrying about the future, how  my dad had suffered from diabetes even though he was an incredibly healthy eater.

I HAD to find a better way without giving up my beloved cacao.

So began my quest for healthier chocolate that didn’t spike my blood sugar like crazy, kept its nutrients in all their antioxidant glory and didn’t spoil my curves!

And after three years of mixing, combining, heating, cooling, storing, wondering, changing, laughing, smiling and tasting, tasting, tasting…I give you…


Now available on Amazon! Click on the pic to have a peek!

Milk, dark and white chocolate recipes! 

white goji
Vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free goodies!

brownies 2

Made using natural ingredients and sweeteners. Not a bit of processed sugar in sight!


What others are saying…

Gorgeous mixture of different flavours. Addictive!” Leanne Benton, Falkirk, Scotland.

Your chocolate is the best that I have tried and it made me really happy with beautiful Angie! I’m missing your chocolate with coconut, so amazing.” Jeff Sunsuwan, Bangkok, Thailand

Your chocolate is fabulous!! I miss testing it!!!” Lisa Stacey, Dayboro, Australia.

Nice smell, smooth texture and wonderful taste with healthy ingredients.” Chompoo Kornkanock, Phitsanulock, Thailand.

So good, I want more, more, more! Why did you return to Scotland and leave me without your choccie!” Judith White, Brisbane, Australia.

Try for yourself! Click on the pic below!

Caramel pieces

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