Hypnotherapy and NLP – 3 session package £175

I remember when I was training to be a Hypnotherapist in 2004, my lovely teachers, John and Rae said, “Hypnotherapy is the thing that people come to as a last resort!” This is a huge tragedy! Hypnosis is the most incredibly gentle form of healing that really works…and then some!

Think about it, we hypnotise ourselves hundreds of times a day with the things we say and the Asleep in the leaves Squarethoughts we have, the vast majority of these for most of us are probably negative. We get bombarded too on a daily basis with news and advertisements, more hypnosis. But, we all have the power to turn that completely on its head, to create new pathways in the brain that will begin to feel as natural as the old, negative ones. Imagine how different your life would be then.

Now, we can use affirmations, begin journalling and do many other worthwhile things to change our thinking but this can take a while. Hypnosis gets to the subconscious part of the brain where all our well-worn trains of thought are (often called subconscious blocks or mindset blocks) and makes new, positive, uplifting, dream-building, powerful thought patterns, that change lives. And it does it quickly. Your Hypnotherapy package is especially tailored to meet your needs and consists of the following 3 sessions:

  1. Session 1 (30 mins) – Your consultation session to tell me exactly what you need and how I can best serve you. I’ll answer any questions you may have and I will teach you a very powerful self-hypnosis technique so can begin to make changes immediately. I addition, you’ll go away with a very special mini-hypnosis session mp3 (to be listened to each day until our next session) that will enable you to get so deeply relaxed in session 2 that we’ll be bull-dosing through those subconscious blocks in record time.
  2. Session 2 (1 hour) – In this session, we will blast through those mindset blocks that have been holding you prisoner for so long! Using some amazingly powerful NLP techniques, we’ll start replacing those well-worn neural pathways with ones that will make the changes that YOU want.
  3. Session 3 (1 hour) – Your future session. In this session, we’ll set the tone for your future, working on the intentions and goals that you want to manifest in both your immediate and long-term future.

Follow up 1 hour sessions are £100

Please note, all Hypnotherapy sessions are in person and not on Skype.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – 1 hour session £75

EFT or ‘tapping’ is the energy shifter!

I’m HUGELY passionate about it’s powerful effects and I’ve seen hundreds of clients have incredible results time after time! So what is it?

Simply put, EFT is a system where you tap on various acupressure points on the body, (Like acupuncture but without the needles!) whilst thinking about what you want to change and voicing it if needs be.

Have a goal or intention you want bring into the world but feel you have blocks or things just don’t seem to be happening?

Need to calm down before a performance, an important interview or public speaking gig?

Want to change how you feel about something so you can finally move forward?

Like everything else in the universe, we are all ENERGY and like Einstein said, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

So let’s change it!

EFT changes the energy to the form you wish to make and it does it so gracefully! The secret is knowing how to tap, what to tap about and what to say in the process. I’m here to help you with that.

Superhero Reiki

(1 session 45 minutes £55) (5 session package £222)

Superhero Reiki shifts those stubborn energetic roadblocks that are standing in the way of you manifesting the situation or experience that you want in your life! Reiki is another huge energy shifter! But instead of being actively involved, (like with EFT) you just relax and enjoy!

It may be something that seems a little bit foreign to western thinking but ‘Ki’ or ‘Chi’ (life energy) is as normal as taking a deep breath in schools of eastern thought. But whether or not you’re aware of the Shaolin monks or Bruce Lee’s very famous use of the life force energy in his kung fu, ki energy is something that we all have. It’s everywhere! It’s just some are aware of it and have learned how to use it for optimum health and wellbeing. Every culture right back to ancient times has used some kind of energy healing system!

Reiki can remove blocks in stuck energy just like EFT, it can lift it and give you a much needed boost, it can deeply relax you, it can also get the energy flowing again in that area of your life that you feel is not going anywhere. Reiki energy brings your own energy into balance and activates your own ki energy.

With Superhero Reiki, I’ll personally find where your energetic blocks are and get the ki flowing again like the ripple of Wonderwoman’s lasso! I’ll balance your chakras and get you flexing your energy muscles like a Superhero Yogini in no time. And all while you relax and listen to my specially recorded meditation to replace those limiting beliefs with some of the most amazingly powerful affirmations in the world. (Hand-picked by me because I know the ones that shift stuff!) 

Sooooo….feeling stuck?

Is there something in your life that you keep going round in circles with?

Do you feel your life needs more balance?

Do you want to release any blocks to your flow of abundance, self-esteem, love, relationships, fun!?

It’s all energy and I can help!

Each Superhero Reiki session is completed at a distance, so all you need to do is relax in the comfort of your own home for 45 minutes and I do the rest! I discovered a few years ago that my strongest work is done at a distance. It could be because as all your blocks are cleared, believe it or not, I start yawning! Yes, really! That’s how I know stuff is being shifted, so…it’s better I’m here and you’re there. (I wouldn’t want you thinking I’m just being rude!)

I’ll give you an intuitive reading as to which energy centres are blocked or need a boost of pure source Superpower and you’ll have 45 minutes of bliss while I get to work on them. Each session…

  • Strengthens your connection to your Superpower, your own natural source of intuition, inner knowing and healing.
  • Clears your chakras of anything that doesn’t serve you anymore and balances them as quickly and cleanly as a bolt of lightning from Thor’s hammer.
  • Replaces limiting beliefs with ones much more aligned to your Superpower because, as you know, your beliefs shape your own reality TV show!
  • Boosts your energy and vibes to allow you to bring in more of the things and situations you want in your life. Love, money, awesome relationships, joy, amazing health and more bliss for day to day life.

A humongously Superpowered 45 minutes!

Click below to book and we’ll arrange a time and session that’s right for you! Once we’ve arranged a time, I’ll send you my Paypal link to make your payment. 

Looking forward to working with you soon!

Tailor-Made Hypnotherapy Mp3s £40

Tailor-made Hypnotherapy Mp3s to listen as often as you need to in the comfort of your own home. Switch off and relax whilst letting my voice guide you into making huge changes in your life! Some of the issues that my clients have had fantastic results with tailor-made sessions are:Joy stars

  • Smoking cessation 
  • Phobias
  • Weight management
  • Self-esteem
  • Public speaking
  • Law of Attraction & Abundance
  • Foreign language study
  • Exam nerves

Please note, all my hypnosis sessions are about making changes from now and into the future. I do not believe in going over old memories, I firmly believe in making new neural pathways of positivity that do not require thoughts of the past. And it works!

Click below to arrange your Bespoke Mp3!

When I get all the info I need from you, I’ll send you a Paypal link to make your payment.


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