How To Answer The 5 Toughest behavioural interview questions

We’ve all been there – the anticipated job interview. You landed the interview and now it’s time to talk about your accomplishments, right? Half true. While interviewers want to know why you’re the best candidate for the position, they also want to understand how your behavioural patterns and personality will impact company culture and objectives. There is no way to know exactly what questions you’ll be asked, although there are a handful that are likely to pop up. Impress your interviewer by learning how to answer the 5 good interview questions with confidence: why are you leaving your current job? You must be wondering how to answer why are you leaving your current job? Be sure to demonstrate what you have accomplished in your current or previous role. The best way to answer why you left your last job is talk about how you contributed to the company and that you are leaving on good terms – avoid criticizing former colleagues or management. Instead, show sincerity and explain that you’re seeking new challenges and opportunities for growth. What is your greatest weakness? Your first thought may be to present an attribute as a biggest weakness. Interviewers are people too and like to see humility in potential employees. If you have any doubt about how to answer what is your greatest weakness, first talk about a trait you’re actively working to improve. For example, if being meticulous means you spend unnecessary time on projects, recall a time you took a few steps back and looked at the bigger picture. This shows employers you acknowledge your flaws and are making strides to correct them. How do you handle conflict at work? Your answer helps the interviewer predict how you may be dealing with conflict at work. How might you react if a supervisor rejects every one of your proposals? Will you use the criticism to improve, or will you take it personally? Explain a situation of conflict at work with examples, include context, how you found a solution, and the results. Remember to be positive and solution oriented. Where do you see Read More »

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