4 Types of Toxic Managers & How to Deal with Them

Being a manager isn’t easy. The technical skills a person relies on early in their career don’t always translate into the core skills needed to lead others. If they did, anyone could be promoted and adored by their employees. Of course, we know that’s not the case; toxic managers walk among us. Usually, a workspace stress is the direct result of having an ineffective leader. Take a look at these four types of toxic bosses you may encounter in your career. We’ve also provided some strategies for dealing with each. The Micromanager The sign of micromanager is that they closely monitor every element of their staff’s work and can be quite controlling. Ask a micromanager why they act this way, and they’ll tell you it’s because employees aren’t accountable and can’t deliver the desired quality or quantity of work without constant oversight. On the flip side, employees feel like they aren’t trusted or empowered to perform their best. Dealing with a Micromanager Working with a micromanager can be frustrating, especially if you’re used to working independently. The best way to deal with a micromanager is to work on slowly gaining their trust. Give frequent status updates when you’re working on a project and make sure you deliver on your promises consistently. Over time, even the worst micromanager can begin to trust a good employee and loosen their vice-like grip. The Buddy Manager The buddy manager aims to please. When you first meet him or her, you’ll think you’ve hit the jackpot of great bosses because they’re fun and friendly. But they’re more interested in being friends than leaders. The problem is, it’s impossible to be a good manager without making tough decisions, providing constructive criticism and occasionally angering staff. Buddy managers will just tell you what they think you want to hear. At best, you won’t receive the honest feedback you need to grow as a professional. At worst, you may never get the opportunity to advance in your role because you’re blissfully unaware that higher-ups aren’t happy with your performance. How to deal with a Buddy Manager To deal Read More »

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