How to get your retail business ready for Christmas

Posted on November 29, 2021Categories Small business, Tips

After a strange year, full of lockdowns, downturns and business turmoil, there’s finally a few Christmas lights twinkling at the end of the tunnel. Many Australian small businesses will be banking on a bountiful holiday season to fill the till and begin bouncing back. In fact, it may be critical to survival. This means that the canny business owner will be looking to gain every possible edge to maximise their cash flow and profits through the festive season. Will you … Continue reading “How to get your retail business ready for Christmas”

Getting ahead of cybercrime: Part 3

Posted on November 29, 2021Categories Advisors, Bookkeepers, Small business

The digital data held by your business is incredibly valuable, especially when it’s integrated with your technology and readily accessible through cloud services. It has the potential to provide benefits, insights and improvements well into the future.  That data can also make your business an attractive target for cybercriminals, who will steal and sell your data if given the opportunity. As the data your business holds grows in size and complexity, it can be overwhelming to manage and difficult to … Continue reading “Getting ahead of cybercrime: Part 3”

Small changes that will improve your sales

Posted on November 18, 2021Categories Small business, Technology, Tips

If you want to maximise your business’s sales without reinventing the wheel, you’ll have to consider making small changes that can have large impacts on sales. Racking up sales, generating revenue and keeping your cash flow positive is the name of the game when it comes to operating a successful small business. Yes, there are several pivotal business considerations and activities you’ll also need to tackle, but if your till isn’t ringing with regularity, your trading days are under threat. … Continue reading “Small changes that will improve your sales”

Xero Awards UK 2022: People’s Choice is back

Posted on November 18, 2021Categories Advisors, Bookkeepers, Xero Awards

We know you, accountants and bookkeepers – you do amazing things every day to support small businesses, but you’re also a humble bunch. Sure, you’re not physically saving lives, but you are saving people’s livelihoods – and changing them for the better.  So while you may not always want to make a song and dance about the work you do, we at Xero want to do just that for you. And you can give your clients the chance to celebrate you too … Continue reading “Xero Awards UK 2022: People’s Choice is back”