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  • Why is it so important to make your business a great place to work?

    Jessica Morris, Reckon’s General Manager of People and Culture, chats to us about the continued importance of maintaining a rewarding workplace and rich culture. With COVID-19 radically altering the business landscape, shifting the way you cultivate a great place to work is of the utmost importance. Why is the Great Place To Work (GPTW) initiative […]

  • What do rising interest rates mean for your business?

    In case you’ve been on safari or an extended sailing trip, you’ve probably heard that on Tuesday 3 May 2022, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) raised the benchmark interest rate to 0.35 percent—up from a record low of 0.1 percent. With the last interest rate rise being in 2007, this is news indeed. We’ve […]

  • Budget drop! Key takeaways for your small business

    There we have it – the federal budget for 2022 has dropped and we can now get a clear view of what this means for small and medium businesses in Australia. While replete with election winning tactics and dangled carrots, time will tell how this ‘Labor style’ budget will play out. Who won? Who lost? […]

  • Get your hands on Victoria’s Omicron busting stimulus package

    With the economic fog of Omicron still blanketing the southern state, the Victorian Government has delivered a stimulus package designed to get the state’s cash flowing again. With retail recovery still slow, consumer confidence low, and small businesses getting battered by cash flow and supply issues, it’s hoped that these recent stimulus measures will give […]

  • New $1 Billion Omicron business support package for NSW

    With the Omicron wave washing over the state, the NSW government has announced a fresh package of business support worth $1 billion. As businesses emerged from the Christmas period, they ran immediately into a wall of Omicron, which saw consumer confidence plummet and cash flow issues run rampant. In fact, a survey of 2,000 members […]

  • Why isn’t your business using eInvoicing?

    If you issue invoices in the course of running your business, it’s becoming more imperative that you switch over to eInvoicing. If you still email PDF’s, or (heaven forbid) mail paper invoices, you’re late to the party and are missing out on some easy gains. Even more significant is a recent announcement by the Australian […]

  • Is this really the end of cash?

    Since the rise of online banking, ATO crackdowns, eCommerce, and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of cash is looking grim. Is cash still king? It’s increasingly uncertain. Let’s unpack the modern story of cash in Australia and investigate its viability and emerging functions in an increasingly cashless economy. The historical decline of […]

  • NSW business reopening checklist

    The moment is upon us! With NSW having surpassed the 70% double vaccination rate, many businesses have conditionally reopened today after months of a grueling lockdown. Better yet, with 80% vaccination rates just around the corner even more opening opportunities and reduced restrictions will be ushered in. Now is the time to get your business […]