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  • How Candice Brown tackled Making Tax Digital and kept her pub pouring through the pandemic

    It’s hard to overstate how damaging the global pandemic was for local pubs. Many of these businesses are institutions – not simply a place to get a cold pint, but a home away from home, with friendly staff, possibly a sleepy dog and, if you’re lucky, a roaring fire.  Yet, forced to shut their doors […]

  • Small businesses reeling from the emotional impact of the pandemic need support

    The shops are open, the high street is buzzing, and the pubs, bars and restaurants are filled once again with happy customers. Make no mistake, this is good news. Signs of economic recovery – tempered by the cost of living crisis and other pressing challenges – are at least offering green shoots of hope. But […]

  • What do rising interest rates mean for your business?

    In case you’ve been on safari or an extended sailing trip, you’ve probably heard that on Tuesday 3 May 2022, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) raised the benchmark interest rate to 0.35 percent—up from a record low of 0.1 percent. With the last interest rate rise being in 2007, this is news indeed. We’ve […]

  • How to ensure good cash flow in 2022

    It’s been a tough two years for Australian small businesses, to say the least. Pandemic induced shutdowns, reduced consumer confidence, low foot traffic, employee lay offs and the ever-looming threat of getting sick. Yes, there was some reprieve through state and federal grants and support packages, but these were no silver bullet. Promoting and ensuring […]

  • The role of governance and the metaverse in responsible data use

    There is much talk these days about virtual marketplaces and ‘the metaverse’, so it’s no surprise that this was one of the primary topics of discussion for our third Xero Responsible Data Use Advisory Council meeting, which we recently held virtually. There are many opinions on the matter and just as many approaches that small […]

  • Budget drop! Key takeaways for your small business

    There we have it – the federal budget for 2022 has dropped and we can now get a clear view of what this means for small and medium businesses in Australia. While replete with election winning tactics and dangled carrots, time will tell how this ‘Labor style’ budget will play out. Who won? Who lost? […]

  • Pre-election Budget focused on cost of living relief and new small business tax incentives

    The 2022/23 Budget is a classic pre-election document, seeking to settle Australian’s nerves around the current cost of living. There are also a raft of new announcements that directly benefit small businesses and encourage investment in employee skills and business digitalisation. Looking at the Budget from a macroeconomic perspective, it is expected to be as […]

  • Get your hands on Victoria’s Omicron busting stimulus package

    With the economic fog of Omicron still blanketing the southern state, the Victorian Government has delivered a stimulus package designed to get the state’s cash flowing again. With retail recovery still slow, consumer confidence low, and small businesses getting battered by cash flow and supply issues, it’s hoped that these recent stimulus measures will give […]

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