The importance of a CRM

Posted on July 11, 2021Categories Small business, Technology

A customer relationship management solution, or CRM, should be taking pride of place as the control panel of your business. A CRM is the brains of your business. It helps you service your current clients better, helps you make more sales, and gives you insights into correcting your service and/or product prices. But are you getting the most out of your CRM? Do you even have one you can rely on? If you do, is it: fully populated with rich … Continue reading “The importance of a CRM”

Small business ideas that are killing it in 2021

Posted on June 18, 2021Categories Small business, Technology, Tips

Are you cogitating about starting a business but unsure of your idea’s chance of success? Maybe you’re looking for something full time or you just want to launch a side hustle to pursue in your spare time? Let’s look at some of 2021’s strongest small business ideas that are suited to new and emerging markets, plus we’ll break down ways of conducting business. 1) Home improvement services The last decade has seen the strongest growth in property prices Australia has … Continue reading “Small business ideas that are killing it in 2021”

Best ways to show off your portfolio online

Posted on June 4, 2021Categories Small business, Technology, Tips

Whether you’re behind the wheel of your own creative business, hopping on the freelance train or pursuing a side hustle – you’re going to need an online portfolio to show off your creations. You might be a graphic artist, writer, photographer or engaged in a craft which benefits from an organised and polished display of your best work. If you want to achieve creative success, you need to showcase your gifts in the most accessible and attractive way possible. Don’t … Continue reading “Best ways to show off your portfolio online”