Clever marketing tactics that worked

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As a small business owner, you’re hopefully already adept at the a-b-c’s of basic marketing. You’ve probably got your socials covered, your email campaigns firing and are likely dropping a bit of coin on paid ads. But are you missing some clever marketing techniques that will help you stand out from the crowd? So, what’s next? Even with tight budgets, if you’re equipped some sharp thinking and creative juices, anyone can think outside the box and stand above the competition. … Continue reading “Clever marketing tactics that worked”

How to deal with suppliers in your small business

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Are you starting a new business and dealing with suppliers for the first time? Almost all small business in Australia, regardless of business srtucture, will be working with a range of suppliers to deliver their products or services. Whether you run a café, freelance service, plumbing business or hair salon, dealing suppliers is a major part of business life. In the infancy of a business, you’re gong to need to source, appraise, negotiate, retain and review a large host of … Continue reading “How to deal with suppliers in your small business”

How to create a social media calendar for your small business

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Many small businesses in Australia operate their social media marketing with a scarce or non-existent plan. Without a social media calendar it’s not hard to see why – business gets too busy for social media planning. Sure, you may have a marketing vision, a brand feel, and a regular pattern of posting, but have you actively mapped it out? Do you have a fully populated and deftly managed social media calendar that stretches beyond next week? Of course, from time … Continue reading “How to create a social media calendar for your small business”

5 amazing small business books you need to read

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A lot of what we read is for pure entertainment and escapism. But one of the best ways to learn more about running and growing your business is by adding a few small business books to your reading mix. What was the last book you read? Did it illuminate your ability to run your business or simply entertain you for a few hours? While there’s always room for literary illumination and entertainment, it’s worth stacking your shelves with a few … Continue reading “5 amazing small business books you need to read”

UK Open Banking changes you need to be aware of

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The wake of Brexit has seen wide ranging transformations across a diverse range of industries within both the UK and the EU. The financial sector is certainly one of the most affected industries and Open Banking is not immune to such changes. With the departure from the EU comes changes to the way Open Banking will operate. We’re also looking at increased adoption of Open Banking among UK banking customers and the uptick of new and improved software solutions, which … Continue reading “UK Open Banking changes you need to be aware of”